Friday, July 2, 2010

easton bound!

Back in my college days, a bunch of us girls (Bethany, Gretchen, Rach, Hamil, Lisa, and Melissa ) would all head to Easton in Columbus, OH for an evening out. These trips became some of my best memories at Cedarville University. We would head straight to the Cheesecake factory and then do some much needed shopping. Easton represents a place where good memories were always made...and now, 9 years later, I am heading back with my hubby and family to create more wonderful memories. I just love how life brings you full circle to the places we love to be.


  1. Umm...LOVE that you're going to Easton tonight! Enjoy it, dear friend. My favorite thing I remember about you at Cheesecake Factory is that you always raved about the strawberry shortcake. While the rest of us were livin' large eating our cheesecake, you took the road less traveled and ate the delicious strawberry shortcake. I can't eat at CF without thinking of our wonderful days as roomies. Thankful for you.

  2. I am so thankful for you too! When can I see you?? We are only an hour away.

  3. STEPH! I just found your blog...this was such a fun post! I miss those times. I miss my dear dear girl friends. You all meant so much to me through the college years. Thankful that God blessed me with amazing friends. Love you!