Friday, January 7, 2011

New beginnings...New Year

December 31, 2010 was a day that started like any other...I got up and made a big breakfast while Nick worked on some last minute school work. As I was in the kitchen, I heard Nick's phone ring. I assumed that the call would consist of yet another concern or problem that either a student or professor had in regards to classes starting.

I had been praying the entire morning that Nick and I would have a peace about where we were supposed to be and that we would just enjoy the time in Lima if that was where we were supposed to stay. Nick had been through so many interviews, and had been so close to getting a job, but the rejection letters continued to come, and it was very challenging at times to keep our hopes high and to continue to expect the perfect job was out there. I continued to listen to the phone call I noticed that Nick wasn't saying much...which was either a very good thing, or a very bad thing, but I would soon find out how that phone call would change our lives. Nick came down the hall, and I nonchalantly asked him who was on the phone, and all he said was, "Babe, I got the job."

We both broke down right then, and all we knew to do was thank God for this blessing, the job that Nick had not only prayed for but had worked so hard for as well.

In three weeks, we will begin a new journey together in Dayton, Ohio. The time spent in Lima, Ohio has taught us many things. It taught us to have faith that God provides - I came to Ohio without a job, or even a prospect, and I acquired three jobs within a month of being here. It taught us to depend on one another - we didn't have family around so we were able to grow in our relationship with each other. It taught us to have fun together - there is not much to do in Lima (they don't even have a Target) which should give you an idea of the extent of entertainment. Finally, for me, I have a greater love and a greater respect for my husband today than the day I married him. Not because of the job he has, the title, or any of the accolades that accompany the position, it is because of his character he has shown throughout the process, and our journey thus far. He is consistent, patient, and an amazing example of how to have faith in the many unknowns that permeate our lives.

So, we give thanks to God for this change, and the many possibilities that await us. We will miss the relationships that we have made here, and the many blessings we have found in our church and our friends, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to re-unite with old friends as well as make new relationships as we move forward in this next chapter of our lives.