Tuesday, November 9, 2010

...being great

I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have recently found the energy and time to put some coherent thoughts together:)

As I think back to all of my experiences with people, both professionally and personally, I start to wonder, is there a formula for being "great?" For being excellent in all that you do...an excellent wife, an excellent mom, an excellent teacher, CEO, police officer...an excellent friend, or brother/sister. Does being great mean perseverance, is it intelligence, is it determination, passion, or is it all of the above? I always challenge myself to be great at whatever I put my mind to, and when I don't feel I quite measure up to my standards (or others), I question my abilities or my ambitions. I think of many individuals who I have had the privilege of working with or becoming friends with over the years, and some of those individuals, they challenge me to try harder in life - by inspiring greatness- whether it is excelling in a career with integrity and character, or enduring a very difficult life-threatening disease with the best attitude, it challenges me to think about my life and how I would handle each situation.

The key, in my opinion to finding greatness, is surrounding yourself with those who are, and trying to become someone who you are proud to be.