Wednesday, May 25, 2011


April 14th, 2011 is a day that has forever changed Nick and I's life...the day we found out that we would be parents. For me, being a mom is something that I have prayed for since I was young. I knew that in some capacity, whether biological or by adoption, I wanted to experience the journey of motherhood. I thank God daily that he allowed me to carry my own child and I continue to pray that everything goes smoothly. I have realized that worrying about your child doesn't start after they are born, it starts the moment you realize you are carrying another life. I continually think, I wonder if I am eating enough for my little one to grow up strong, or if they are getting all the nutrients they need for development. I am starting to pray now that I would be a good testimony so that my child understands the importance of wanting a relationship with God and will give their life to Him. I start thinking about schooling - what kind of school do I want them in? There are so many aspects to raising a I understand what my parents went through, and I am ever so grateful for how they raised me and the decisions they made. I think about what I will call them - Ella for a girl, and we are still working on the boy name:) I think about the first time I will hold him/her and the first time they smile at me. I am overwhelmed with how amazing the journey has already been, and despite the nausea, extreme fatigue, and gaining a little weight, I am beyond excited about what is to come when I finally meet my little one in December:)

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  1. This is beautiful! I enjoyed reading this. :) You'll be a wonderful mommy. Can't wait to see you Friday.